Telankhedi Hanuman Temple, Maharashtra

Telankhedi Hanuman Temple

Location: Located on the Shore of Telankadi Lake, Telankhedi Hanuman Temple is a major attraction of Nagpur city. The temple is situated in the southern slope of Seminary hills.

Description: Telankhedi Hanuman Temple is dedicated to a Hindu deity, Lord Hanuman. According to Hindu epic, Ramayana, Hanuman was a devotee of Lord Rama. Hindu devotees consider Tuesday as the day of Lord Hanuman and that is why there is a great rush of visitors in the temple on every Tuesday. It is believed that Hanuman had great love for Lord Rama and one day he smeared his whole body with Orange Sindoor to prove his love and wish for the long life of Ram. On seeing this, Lord Ram was deeply touched and he said to all his devotees that those who will apply sindoor to Hanuman would be blessed with longer and happy life. Due to this reason, devotees observe Hanuman pooja with sindoor. The view of the interior of this temple is as good as exterior. The idol of Lord Hanuman in this temple is magnificent. The atmosphere of this temple is calm, making it the best place for meditation.

Activities: Devotees of Lord Hanuman must visit Telankhedi Hanuman Temple to pray for their and their loved ones happy and long life.

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