Kasturchand Park, Maharashtra

Kasturchand Park

Location: Located in Nagpur, Kasturchand Park is the biggest venue for conventions and exhibitions and this park is just 1 km away from central Railway station.

Description: Kasturchand Park covers a huge area in Nagpur that can hold thousands of people at a time. The park is used for numerous activities, ranging from sports events to religious fairs, throughout the year. In the bygone era, Kasturchand Park was used for public rallies and gatherings. Ganesh Chaturthi, a great Indian festival, is grandly celebrated by Hindu devotees in this park and people from all over Nagpur gather here. Besides this, Ramlila, a dramatic folk depicting life of Rama according to Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’, is also performed on the pavilion of this park. A pavilion is made in the centre of this park which is used for religious festivals, political rallies, meetings and entertainment events. Even after so many years, this park is still a popular attraction for tourists. This park is also a big venue for programs organized by various political leaders during elections.


Activities: Tourists must visit this grand park and enjoy watching the natural beauty that Nagpur city is blessed with and there is no fee charged from the visitors who come to Kasturchand Park for sightseeing.

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