Japanese Rose Garden, Maharashtra

Japanese Rose Garden

Location: Japanese Rose Garden, located at Civil Lines near West High Court Road in Nagpur, is considered quite unique and different from the many rose gardens present all over India.

Description: Rose is a beautiful gift of nature that attracts people with its beauty and fragrance. Japanese Rose Garden is the most beautiful garden of Nagpur that lies in the middle of Indian peninsula at an altitude of 310.5 m above sea level. Hence, the garden has ideal climatic conditions for growing perennials, like roses. The structure of this garden reflects Japanese architecture and that is why it is known as Japanese Rose Garden. Numerous varieties of roses are planted in this garden. Though winter is not a flowering season, still the garden remains an attraction and visited by thousands of tourists throughput the year. There are about hundred species of roses and best of them are available here for tourists. Rose plants in this garden vary in size as miniature roses are small and climbers that can reach several meters in height. This garden is especially dedicated to rose lovers.

Activities: Visitors can enjoy viewing different varieties and colors of roses in Japanese Rose Garden. Needless to say, the garden is the most picturesque place and it is best to experience photography.

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