Kanaka Durga Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Kanaka Durga Temple

The Kanaka Durga temple is situated on the Indrakeeladri Mountain overlooking Vijayawada is believed to have been created by the legendary warrior Arjuna from the epic saga of Mahabharata. It has a 4 foot high sculpture of Durga in standing position defeating the devil Mahishasura showcasing the scene of piercing him with her trident. The idol is holding eight different weapons in her eight hands and has been ornamented with beautiful jewels and fresh flowers.

The festivals of Vasantotsva , Shivratri and Dusshera are the most commemorated festivals in the temple. A large number of worshippers pay their visit to the temple during these festivals, particularly Dussehra, to offer their prayers and seek blessings from the goddess Durga.

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