Dhamma Chakra Stupa (Diksha Bhumi), Maharashtra

Dhamma Chakra Stupa (Diksha Bhumi)

This location is considered a holy place for the followers of Buddha. The Dhamma Chakra Stupa, also known as the Diksha Bhumi is located in Nagpur and is considered as the place where Dr. B.R. Ambedakar carried out the mass conversions of Dalits to Buddhists. This particular day is celebrated with great excitement here every year and is known as Ashok Vijay Dashmi. On this particular day the celebration reaches its zenith when a large number of devotees of Buddha and Dr. Ambedkar gather from near and far to pay a floral homage to both these great personalities.

The stupa itself is a fine piece of architecture. Its 120 feet high dome, which is made up of marble, granite and the pink Dholpur stone, is really outstanding. The blue clad on the idol of Lord Buddha is an eye catching site which cannot be missed. The stupa is a huge structure which can accommodate around 5000 people at a time.

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