Jain Mandir, Maharashtra

Jain Mandir

An incredibly built temple complex mainly belonging to the Jain saints, the Jain Mandir is situated at Vilhouli, Nasik. This Mandir has a three-storied shrine which shows remarkable architectural grandeur than that of any other temple found here. The famous Jain Mandir, also known as Shree Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth, was built with white marbles and pink sand.

The ground floor of these buildings consists of a Pravachan Hall where sermons and meditations take place. On the first floor, "Choumukhji" is present and the third floor is reserved for "Ashtapadji". One of the deities present here is the 24th thirthankara of the Jains. This deity weighs 12 tons and it is made up of Panchdhatu.

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