Trekking, Madhya Pradesh


This area of Pachmarhi is quite popular among the adventure lovers for excellent trails. It has something for all, from short and easy to difficult and strenuous.

To enjoy the astounding beauty of this place a trek to Jata Shankar is the ideal one. In fact there is another very interesting option of trek at the hilltop of Chauragarh. You can also have a glimpse and feel the breeze of the gushing waterfall of Raj Parapat, which is one of the famous avenues for trekking. All those who are professionals or daring enough to go for the tough treks, for them Dhupgarh is the ideal place. In this trek you have to go through some of the gushing waterfalls and astounding valleys as well. If you are among those who always seek adventure in their life, then you should take the trekking path from Tridhara near Dhupgarh till Sangam, which bypasses through rivulets and profound gorges.

This strenuous and difficult trek will give you a spectacular view of rocks of varied shapes and remarkable sunset. With profuse natural beauty, Pachmarhi is quite popular among the trekkers and rightfully known as paradise as well.

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