Bee Falls (Jamuna Prapat), Madhya Pradesh

Bee Falls (Jamuna Prapat)

Renowned fall of Pachmarhi, Bee Falls is the main source of water supply to whole Pachmarhi. The astonishing fall in the stream definitely has a mesmerizing effect on the visitors. Locals also called this fall Jamuna Parapat, as it flows and jumps in the valley thus producing the buzzing sound. It is the place which is surely worth a visit; the magnificent of spur of fall will have an ever lasting impression on your memory. This cold, fresh and pure water will definitely spellbind you.


If you are an adventure freak, then also this fall has a number of options for you. You can go for the challenging walk on the stones and rocks from Apsara Vihar, passing through Bee Falls and finally reaching the Rajat Parapat. The magnificent bathing pools above this fall are another charm of this area.

If you want to spend your vacations away from the crowd and close to nature, then this extravagant fall can offer you astounding solitary atmosphere.

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