Handi Khoh, Madhya Pradesh

Handi Khoh

Enclosed in the deep woody forest, this lovely place named Handi Khoh is associated with Lord Shiva. It is an impressive ravine which has a 300 feet high cliff along with a dense forest, and is gifted with spectacular panorama. The clutch rock face of this gulch is like a sanctuary of large beehives. This lake has a mythological story behind it.

It is said that an evil snake and a demon used to guard this lake. Lord Shiva killed that snake and as a consequence of the heavenly skirmish the water of the lake dried up, and the empty space looked like a handi or a pot, thus the name Handi Khoh was given. One of the best sites of India, it is the perfect place for those who want to live in a serene place. The surroundings here are so peaceful that you can even hear the buzz of gushing water.

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