Gandhi Hill, Andhra Pradesh

Gandhi Hill

The Gandhi hill, alternatively known as the Gandhi Stupa, is another popular place in Vijayawada which is fairly attractive amongst the tourists for its Planetarium and the light and sound show that emphasizes on the life, teachings and principles of Mahatma Gandhi.

An enormous figure of 15.8 meters in height was inaugurated by Dr. Zakir Hussain in 1968 on the Gandhi Hill to highlight the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and it was the very first Gandhi monument to be constructed on a hillock. It consists of 7 stupas in all, which have been constructed at a height of approximately 150 meters.

Also it has a fully maintained library, called the Gandhi Memorial Library, which has a fairly good collection of books. The view from Gandhi Hill is captivating and beautifully displays the view of Vijayawada city. It is really a tribute to India’s freedom struggle and it contains stone slabs on which the teachings of Gandhi have been engraved. It is a great place to visit and pay tribute to India’s most influential and strong personality.

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