Parasailing, Maharashtra


Location: To enjoy the most entertaining and thrilling activity of parasailing, you can visit various destinations, like Panshet, Mulsi, Pavana and Khadakvasla Lake, located in Pune, Maharashtra.

Description: Pune is a renowned parasailing centre all around the world. Calm and quiet atmosphere of Pune makes it an amazing place to experience parasailing and takes almost no effort on your part. This activity is performed in the places where the wind intensity is more, so the canopy can fly higher into the sky. Parasailing on both land and water is available for visitors in Pune. In this aero sport, a tow rope is harnessed to a vehicle, like a water boat or a jeep. A harness is used to attach the pilot to the parasail. As the boat or jeep tied to rope starts moving, the person starts to rise in the air. You should not miss the unique chance to view the breathtaking sights of Pune while flying in the sky like a bird. Tourists can enjoy both long and short rides.

Activities: Parasailing is a fun activity. Once you are up in the sky, you can enjoy breathtaking views of sea, coastlines and the surroundings. Every season is perfect to enjoy parasailing in Pune, except the monsoon season.

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