Shivapur, Maharashtra


Location: Located on the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway, Shivapur is one of the most scenic places of Pune, Maharashtra. It is located about 180 km in the east of Mumbai.

Description: Shivapur is very famous for its attractions among tourists. There are many places for sightseeing here, but Kamar Ali Darvesh Dargah in Shivapur is one of the famous attractions. This religious place is renowned for its levitating stone amongst devotees across the country. According to legend, Kamar Ali, a Muslim saint who was very famous for his magical powers, used to live in the village of Shivapur. There was a gymnasium in the same village, where two wrestlers used to practice with two stones, one big and one small. The wrestlers invited the saint for wrestling. But the saint denied and the wrestlers started making fun of him. On this the saint proclaimed that if eleven men will place their right index fingers under the big stone and call my name together, they will be able to lift the stones higher than their heads, while, the smaller stone can be lifted using nine fingers while calling the saint’s name. Due to this legend, devotees visit this temple with great devotion.

Activities: An amusement park, Rajgad Water Park is another tourist attraction of Shivapur, which is equally entraining for all age groups. You may enjoy recreational activities like bathing and swimming in the water park.

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