Mahatma Phule Museum, Maharashtra

Mahatma Phule Museum

Location: Mahatma Phule Museum is located on the Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar in Pune.

Description: Poona Industrial Museum, now renowned as Mahatma Phule Museum was founded in the year 1875. This museum is unlike any other museum in the city and contains a superb exhibit of various items including pictures, charts, models, machines and science models. You may also see a display related to industry and engineering, geology and minerals, handcrafts and cottage industries, agriculture, forestry, natural history and armory. If you need details about numerous forts in Pune district, then this is the right place to begin your search from. Here you can see the weapons of Mughal and Maratha period.  The museum is full of fascinating models of natural history and industrial sections. In industrial section, there are models of Indian hydro-electric and irrigation projects, and oil refining methods. Whereas, the natural section has a wonderful collection of various species of avifauna, wildlife, insects, snakes and fishes.

Activities: Visiting the Mahatma Phule Museum is an educative as well as zestful experience for people of all age groups. The museum is the ideal destination for knowledge enthusiasts and they can enjoy reading books on ancient technologies in the museum’s library.

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