Osho Ashram, Maharashtra

Osho Ashram

Covering an area of 32 acres, this astonishing Osho Ahram is located in the Koregaon Park area of Pune. The place is popular among those tourists who wish to rid themselves of the stress and strain of daily life. One of the main attractions of Pune, this place is perfect for the people who believe in the ideologies and preaching of Bhagwan Rajneesh. This Ashram basically teaches the art of meditation and Yoga. Daily programs are conducted to teach visitors about the different types of meditation, which includes yoga as well. Regular training programs on spiritual uplift and meditation are also conducted at this place. Osho Kundalini meditation, Osho Nadabrahma meditation, Osho dynamic meditation and Osho Nataraj mediation are all taught over here. The main purpose of these programs is to teach people to control their mind and heart while uplifting their spiritual beliefs.

To be a part of this serene environment, proper considerations have to be made while dressing. A maroon robe is compulsory for all daytime activities inside the ashram and during evening meditation and other activities; you should be dressed in white robes. The Ashram is not like the typical Indian Ashrams but is well versed with the latest technical developments including services like email, fax machines and mobile phones.

This place is open for meditation activities on all seven days of the week; however, the Ashram does not provide any residential accommodation. You can stay in any of the wonderful hotels located near this place. The choice of the hotel, from budget to luxury, totally depends on you and your budget. The committed and humble staff members of the ashram are available at your service from 9am to 3:30 pm. For any type of assistance, you can easily approach them at the reception. This Ashram also houses a Communes’ testing centre, which provides testing for AIDS, and thus people are not allowed to enter the place without permission. Commune counselling services will guide you regarding the different types of meditation available and also about the various other services that you can avail in the Ashram. Located nearby is a magnificent park which is known as the Osho Teerth or the Nulla Park. Covering an expanse of around 5 hectares, this magnificent garden is the finest example of the elegant Japanese Zen gardens. Developed by Shuno foundation, this park provides numerous luxury facilities to the visitors such as swimming pools, rock gardens and magnificent wooden pathways. The number of elegant decorations and settings available there will astound your mind. To enjoy the beauty of the park, you can only visit it during the working hours which are 6-9 in the morning and 4-7 in the evening. If you are looking for inner peace, then this surely is the place for you.

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