Sakshi Gopal, Orissa

Sakshi Gopal

Location: Located in the northern part of Puri, Sakshi Gopal is a historic town of great importance.

Description: The legend behind Sakshi Gopal makes it a place of immense inertest among tourists. It is said that Sakhigopal was a poor resident of this village, who fell in love with the daughter of village’s headman. The headman belonged to higher class and hence opposed the marriage between Sakhi and his daughter. Once all villagers went to Kashi and on the way the headman fell ill. So, the villagers abandoned him. But Sakhi took great care of the headman and he soon got well. The headman was impressed and promised that he will marry his daughter to Sakhi. As soon as they returned to the village, headman disagreed and asked Sakhi to produce a witness in support of his claim. Lord Gopal was impressed by the devotion of Sakhi and hence agreed to be a witness and thus the youngsters were married off.  Tourists may also visit the medieval shrine named as Sakshi Gopal Temple located on the Puri-Bhubaneswar highway in Orissa. You may also taste the prasad made of wheat instead of rice, a specialty of Vishnu temples all over the world.

Activities: Best time to visit Sakshi Gopal is during Amla Navmi Festival, celebrated in the temple with full pomp and show.  

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