Vimala Temple, Orissa

Vimala Temple

Location: Located within the Jagannath Temple Complex, Vimala Temple is considered as one of the historic temples of Indian state of Orissa. It is located in the south-west corner of the inner enclosure of Sri Jagannath Complex.

Description: Dedicated to Goddess Vimala or Bimala, Vimala Temple is regarded as a Shakti Pitha in India. Built in Deula style, the temple is constructed from materials like sandstone and laterite. Tourists visiting this temple can explore four magnificent components of the temple, namely Vimana, Jagamohana, Nata-Mandapa and Bhoga-Mandapa. The temple is a significant spot for Shakta and Tantric worshippers. Vimala is considered as the guardian deity of Jagannath Complex. It is believed that worshippers should first visit Vimala Temple before paying homage at the main Jagannath Temple. It is also considered that, after offering food to Lord Jagannath if same food is not offered to Goddess Vimala, then it is not sanctified as Maha prasad. In the temple you can see an idol of Vimala, belonging to sixth century. Beautifully decorated with lotus and other designs, the temple is a treasure of ancient architecture.

Activities: Visitors may visit the temple in the month of Ashwin, when Durga Pooja, a goddess-oriented ceremony is celebrated for about sixteen days at Vimala Temple every year.

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