Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

Lighthouse Beach

Location: Magnificent Light House beach is situated in the south of Kovalam and is very close to Trivandrum, which makes it easily accessible.

Description: Light House beach has been named after towering Vizhinjam Lighthouse that is constructed on a rocky headland. This lighthouse is 35 m in height and it is placed on the top of a palm covered Kurumkal Hill. It is a beautiful place and provides great sights of the surrounding area. Monuments, which are positioned around the light house and dedicated to Ayyippila Asan and Ayyanapilla Asan, prominent poets from 15th century are worthy of a visit. Lighthouse Beach is a lengthy sandy strip and it is protected by lifeguards present along its shore. Tourists are prohibited from entering this lighthouse, which is illuminated during evening time, making the ambiance even more enjoyable. Fresh and delicious sea food is readily available in the shacks located on the sea shore. As the beach dazzles during the night time, a lot of local people and tourists come here to spend time in its magnificent environs.

Activities: A number of tourist activities are possible on this beach, including swimming and Para gliding. It is also a good place to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend some leisure time.  

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