Museum and Sudarshan Workshop, Orissa

Museum and Sudarshan Workshop

Location: Situated in the coastal area of Orissa, the Museum and Sudarshan Workshop is a fascinating attraction located at Station Road in Puri.

Description: Established in the year 1977, Sudarshan Craft Museum is an interesting place for seeing extraordinary art. The famous master sculptor, Sudarshan Sahoo is the owner of the museum. The display of handicraft items and paintings in the museum is very interesting. For people who are interested in the art of making sculptures, Sudarshan Museum is a must visit place. Sculptures made of stone, wood, fiberglass and other materials are a perfect example of innovative and extravagant style. The gallery also shows crafts made by Sudarshan Sahoo and other contemporary artists. Though the museum is quite old, its charm still remains intact among tourists. Art lovers and connoisseurs have a great opportunity to see the beautiful idols of gods and goddesses in the museum. Whether the person visiting this museum is an adult or a child, the Museum and Sudarshan Workshop attracts all and transfers them to an aesthetic world of arts and crafts.

Activities: Sudarshan Craft Shop and Museum is a platform for art lovers to display their talent of making traditional sculptures. Sudarshan Workshop is a creative centre where you can learn the art of sculpture making, especially in stone and wood.

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