Swargadwar Beach, Orissa

Swargadwar Beach

Location: Swargadwar Beach, located around 2 km away from Jagannath temple, is one of the most popular attractions among tourists who come to visit Puri.

Description: Swargadwar is a sacred place, particularly among Hindu devotees. Swargadwar consists of two words - Swarga means Heaven and Dwar means Gateway. Thus, Swargadwar means “The Gateway to Heaven”. It is believed that all Hindu gods and goddesses reside in heaven. According to Hinduism, life is associated with two cycles, birth and death. The one who has done good deeds or karmas attains moksha, means salvation, after death. It is believed that this was a bathing place of a great prophet of Vaishnava section, Sri Chaitnayadev and Hindu devotees have a great belief that a dip in the water of the sea can help one to attain redemption. That is why people on large scale visit this place to attain salvation. Besides these, a lot of other beliefs and stories are also attached to this place, which makes it even more popular in terms of religious importance.

Activities: After taking a bath in the holy Swargadwar Beach, you may visit nearby shopping centers and enjoy shopping. The beach and nearby roads remain busy with tourists throughout the year.


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