Puri Beach, Orissa

Puri Beach

Location: Located on the shores of Bay of Bengal, Puri Beach is a long white sand beach that offers lovely views of coastal attractions.

Description: Coastal sides of Puri are well-known tourist attractions across the world. You may see the extravagant style of sand art displayed on the beach, particularly created by the international master sculptor, Sudarshan Sahoo. Puri, being a pilgrimage point, attracts huge number of tourists every year and that is why Puri Beach has now become a favorite place for people. You have a great opportunity to witness the captivating views of both sunset and sunrise only on Puri Beach. This tranquil and clean beach is ideal enjoy sunbathing. Fun lovers can also experience one of the exciting activities, like swimming, at the eastern end of the beach. Boating in the beach, along with watching the striking sunset, is something very unique that every person should experience. While you are in Puri, Puri Beach is an idyllic place to spend memorable moments worth cherishing for your entire life.

Activities: You may visit Puri in November, when the annual Puri Beach Festival is celebrated here with full grandeur. People from all over the world gather to become a part of this occasion every year.

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