Narendra Tank, Orissa

Narendra Tank

Location: Situated on the left side of Grand Road in Puri, Narendra Tank is one of the largest tanks of Orissa. It covers an area of about 14.533 acres.

Description: Narendra Tank is a significant historic place and also amongst the most picturesque places in Puri.  Due to the fact that the famous Chandan Yatra is celebrated annually at the Narendra Tank, it is also popular among people as ‘Chandana Puskarini’. According to legend, King Narendra Deva, brother of Gajapati Kapilendra, excavated the holy tank during Ganga period. You will be astounded to see this big tank with an approximated depth of 28 feet. Chandana Manadapa is an ancient temple, located on an island in the centre of the tank. There are about sixteen Ghats of the holy tank and fourteen out of them are named after the sons of Narendra Deva. Tourists may visit Chara Ganesha, a small temple situated close to the Narendra Tank, where you can worship Lord Ganesha. Another famous attraction, Brahma Jaga, located on the eastern side of the tank, is a not to be missed part. You can worship Lord Hanuman here and also view the appealing surroundings of tank.

Activities: Chandan Yatra is an annual festival, in which colorful procession of deities are taken out and given a ceremonial boat ride in the Narendra Tank. 

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