Chilika Lake, Orissa

Chilika Lake

Chilika is a lagoon located in the state of Orissa. This area is basically a huge lagoon with various small islands bunched together. This place is also a known tourist attraction. You can see the area where the chilika Lake used to be present and because this area is a wetland, there is a lot of flora and fauna found here. Many migratory birds fly to chilika during the peak season and so chilika is a heaven for bird watchers in this time of the year. Turtles, flamingoes and Strokes are common birds and animals that can be found in these wetlands.

The many islands located here make excellent picnic spots and also have places of religious importance. An example is the island of Kalijai which is a popular spot for pilgrims. This island has a temple of goddess Kali and this tourist site is often found crowded with tourists and pilgrims alike.

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