Hanuman Temple, Tamil Nadu

Hanuman Temple

Location: Lying in the wonderful region of Rameswaram, Hanuman temple is one of the most revered sites of South India.

Description: The most attention-grabbing fact ofthisHanuman temple is the idol of Lord Hanuman, which has five faces and it is covered in vermilion. It is believed that Lord Hanuman was the one who brought one of the Ramanathaswamy Temple’s Lingam from Kailash, called as Vishwalingam. Most fascinating thing about the temple is the statues carved out of wood. These statues move like puppets and play the role of all main characters of Hindu Epic Ramayana. The statue of Hanuman depicts an adventurous feat where he helped Rama to get mother Sita from Ashikvatika to Ayodhya. Visitors will be enchanted to see Lord Hanuman flying in air and carrying Ram at the places where it was difficult to trek on foot. Setu Bridge between Rameswaram and Sri Lanka is also said to be built by Lord Hanuman. Idols of Hanuman, Rama and Sita in this temple were brought from Dhanushkodi after a devastating cyclone in the year 1964.

Activities: After paying homage to Lord Hanuman, visitors can worship in Ramanathaswamy Temple which is very famous for its thousand pillars and large corridors all around the world.

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