Badrakaliamman Temple, Tamil Nadu

Badrakaliamman Temple

Location: Located in Rameswaram, Badrakaliamman Temple is one of the biggest temples in the entire South India, renowned for its unique architecture style.

Description: Bhadra Kali is a Sanskrit word where “Bhadra” refers to Gentle and “Kali” means Time or Death. The presiding deity ofBadrakaliamman Temple is the Hindu goddess Maa kali, a form of Goddess Durga. Being the only one of its kind temple dedicated to Maa Kali in Tamil Nadu, it houses an idol of Maa Kali, which is made from gold. Besides this, there is a wonderful tower in the temple that is also beautifully studded in gold metal. Several voluntary organizations are taking initiative for the conservation of this well-known temple of South India. As the temple was refurbished from time to time, different architecture styles belonging to different periods can be seen in the temple. Goddess Kali in the temple is worshipped as one of the ten Mahavidya forms of Adi Parashakti. This might be the main reason why lacks of Hindu devotees visit this temple every year.

Activities: Several dynasties have ruled the region of Rameswaram and thus visitors have a great opportunity to explore different structural designs of various eras at this one temple.

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