Rama Tirtham (Gandamadana), Tamil Nadu

Rama Tirtham (Gandamadana)

The Rama Tirtham has been built on the Gandamadhana Parvata and is henceforth also known as the Gandamadana. The Rama Tirtham is situated on an island and is believed to be the most blessed place for pilgrim in South India. The temple has a chakra where there are imprints of Lord Rama and on that chakra those impressions have been carved really well. This place a bit distanced from Dhanushkodi, that is the place where Rama and Vibhishana met and both these places have an individual history which is fairly unique to them that makes these places a must visit.

The temple is surrounded by a pleasant hilly region that acts as a tourist attraction for this place. So while one is on a religious trip, one can also indulge in the scenic beauty of the place as well that is very pleasing and captivating and visit another good place located close.

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