Ladakh Ecological Development Group,

Ladakh Ecological Development Group

Location: Ladakh Ecological Development Group was set up in the year 1983. Main objective of this group is to bring awareness in people regarding environmental issues related to the Ladakh region.

Description: Ladakh is also called as ‘Little Tibet’. Ladakhi people have seen prosperity from thousands of years that have resulted in creation of a culture that is sustainable as well as harmonious. According to history, in the year 1975 the feeling of self pride got replaced by an inferiority complex. Reason behind the complex was attributed to the western influence. Development of tourism in this part of the world and negative factors that were not much known in the past, like unemployment, crime and pollution, had taken a strong hold. So, Helena Norbeg-Hodge in the year 1978 founded a project in order to counter these negative influences and it is known as Ladakh Project. This project provides information regarding the realities of western consumer culture to the people and at the same time works in the direction of restoring the honor and regard for the local culture.

Activities: With the passage of time this project achieved fame and now it has turned into an International Society for Ecology and Culture. It functions on International level to provide a helping hand for decentralized land based ways of living.

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