Drokpa Community , Dha Hanu,

Drokpa Community , Dha Hanu

Location: Dha and Hanu are two villages that are located at a distance of 163 kilometers to the North West of the Leh town. Drokpa is a community that resides in these villages.

Description: This area comprises of a number of villages but tourists are permitted to visit Dha and Hanu only. These villages are positioned at a comparatively lower altitude, so they experience a climate that is warmer than Leh. At the meeting point of the rivers, Indus and Shayok, in the west of Kargil region live the people belonging to Drokpa community. The people of this community are different from the other people residing in Ladakh region, culturally as well as racially. They practice a religion that existed in Ladakh before Buddhism reached this part of the world. Ancient way of life and traditions are maintained through their hymns and songs. Basically these people have features similar to Aryans and they have maintained their purity in totality from centuries. Population of this community is not much. They are settled in five villages and are two thousand in number.

Activities: Apart from witnessing the amazing culture and lifestyle of this community, tourists can observe the beauty of this calm and serene place that serves as a delight to the eyes of the onlookers.

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