Trekking, Uletokpo,

Trekking, Uletokpo

Location: Uletokpo, which is a popular place for trekking, is located at the bank of Indus River in Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Description: Uletokpo is the central hub for nearby cities of Ladakh and world famous for outdoor activities, like camping and trekking, as it offers a perfect blend of vast terrains and ultimate natural beauty. Visitors can explore some of the famous monasteries, like Lamayuru, Alchi and Rizong, which are situated in Uletokpo. Uletokpo is a bed of narrow and deep valleys that makes it perfect for trekking. Trekking provides adventure enthusiasts an amazing experience of walking up and down the high peaks, along with a chance to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of villages and lush landscapes. Trekking in this region requires one to wear woolen garments, including warm jackets, lowers and thick cotton socks. The trek routes you may access in Uletokpo are Leh-Spituk-Alchi-Uletokpo, Uletokpo-Lamayuru-Leh. This place also has a rich heritage of ancient Tibetan art and sceneries.

Activities: The summer season is the best time to visit Uletokpo to experience trekking. The season extends from early June to mid October. A trekking program can be organized with the help of tourism agencies depending upon the climatic conditions.

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