Rafting, Zanskar,

Rafting, Zanskar

Location: Indus River flows into Pakistan, but also runs a course through the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. The Zanskar River flows into the Indus River in Ladakh and the great volume of water makes this river perfect for rafting.

Description: Zanskar is the left bank tributary of Indus River in Ladakh. Zaskar is a place that is full of beauty and adventures. The Indus River in Zanskar, also known as Singhe Khababs which means “out of Lion’s mouth” is popular for adventures, like rafting. The water level in the Indus River during summer season remains high and thus it is the best time for enjoying rafting experience. Rafting is one of the spontaneous outdoor activities, which raft passengers can enjoy while navigating the river using a raft.  Zanskar is the most liked remote areas for such adventures. Rafting is the best way to enjoy the magnificent beauty of snow covered mountains, wildlife, aquatic animals, famous monasteries and many more.

Activities: Rafters can enjoy rafting from Phey to Nimo, Upshi to Kharu and Upshi to Nimo which are among the most popular rafting points. The whole route of rafting expedition consists of grade I to grade V rapids and these expeditions are organized on the demand of tourists.

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