Vajra Bhairava Shrine, Leh,

Vajra Bhairava Shrine, Leh

Location: One of the well-known sites in the inspiring Indus valley, Vajra Bhairava Shrine is majestically located about 10 km away from Leh in Spituk.

 Description: Dedicated to the guardian deity of Gelug-Pa sect, Vajra Bhairava Shrine is one of the most sacred places in Ladakh. The main deity in this shrine, Mahakal Vajra Bhairava is believed to hold great divine powers and that is another reason why disciples from far-flung areas often visit this shrine with immense devotion. Devotees especially plan a visit to Ladakh and pay homage in the shrine during one month every year, when the deity installed in the sanctum is displayed in front of people. The amazing structures have beautiful walls adorned with scenic paintings about 600 years old and still preserving their ancient glory. Vajra Bhairava Shrine is a striking place to get a break from the flurry of metropolitan cities. So, travel deep into the mountains of Leh and indulge in the picturesque beauty of this shrine and its pleasurable environs.

Activities: Leh has diverse attractions and you should plan a long tour to explore the unusual splendor of this place. So, to spend more memorable time in the secluded region, visit the nearest shrines, like Mahakal Temple, Spituk Monastery and Spituk Gustor.

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