Serzang Temple, Leh,

Serzang Temple, Leh

Location: Located close to the royal headquarters in the village Basgo, Serzang Temple is located at a distance of about 40 Km from Leh, Ladakh.

Description: Considered as one of the famous temples, Serzang Temple was built in the 17th century, using gold and copper. It houses a 30 feet high copper gilt picture of Lord Buddha. Various mural paintings, like Mila Raspa, Marpa, Naropa and Tilopa, can be viewed inside the temple premises. These pictures are appreciated and liked by tourists, art lovers and devotees. Written in copper, silver and gold, copy of Serzang manuscript of the famous Tibetan Buddhist Canon finds its existence in the Serzang Temple. The temple welcomes a large number of devotees, who come here to pay homage to God. Surrounded by enticing natural beauty, the temple is far away from the hustle and bustle of urban towns and cities. The serene ambience gives rise to a spirit of devotion. One must visit the famous Serzang Temple to capture the true essence of this place.

Activities: Besides paying devotion to God, tourists can enjoy annual festivals celebrated in Serzang temple with immense joy and happiness and participate in musical festivities and interesting ceremonies. Other attractions, like Chamchung shrine and Maitreya Temple, can also be visited by the tourists. Also, a walk along the city lanes can be taken to enjoy the local beverages and cuisines.

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