Phuktal Monastery, Zanskar,

Phuktal Monastery, Zanskar

Location: Phuktal Monastery is situated in south east of Zanskar in the state Ladakh.

Description: Phuktal Monastery, also known as Phuktal Gompa, is one of the distinct monasteries of Ladakh region. Phuktal Gompa was built in early 12th century. This monastery was founded by Gangsem Sherap Sampo. The way this monastery was constructed makes it look unique among the other monasteries. It is built on the mouth of a cave in the shape of a honeycomb. This monastery consists of libraries and four prayer rooms. There are about 70 monks residing in this monastery, which is also a school which provides training of Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Wood and mud are the materials which were used to make this monastery in the ancient period. A journey to Phuktal Monastery is only possible via trekking as there is no other medium of travelling. Although it was built in 12th century but nobody had a clue about its existence until a Hungarian, Alexander Cosmo de Koros, found this place and lived here between the time periods of 1826-1827. This monastery is a great source of hidden treasures, as it consists of various chapels and frescos belonging to the ancient period.

Activities: Witnessing the ancient art of decoration and presence of adventurous trekking routes to Phuktal Gompa will add thrill to your visit to Ladakh.

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