Lotsawa Lha-Khang, Alchi,

Lotsawa Lha-Khang, Alchi

Location: Lotsawa la-khang is a Buddhist temple that is positioned in Alchi village in district Leh. This temple is devoted to Rinchen Zangpo, who was a great translator of his time.

Description: Images of Sakyamuni are housed in this temple. He was a sage who belonged to the Sakya clan. Towards the right side of this image is a small image of Rinchen Zangpo. Walls of this temple are adorned with the paintings of Sakyamuni that are really very beautiful. Like all other Buddhist temples, it is also having surroundings that are calm and serene. Alchi village is situated at a distance of 70 kilometers from Leh city and this place is easily accessible by hiring taxis. During the summer season a bus from Leh city goes to Alchi on daily basis, making it easier for tourists to commute. This is considered as a significant place in village Alchi.

Activities: Devotees visit this temple in huge numbers to worship and take blessings from the lord, Tourists, especially nature lovers, can witness the picturesque beauty of this place and spend time in the serene ambiance of this temple, which is soothing to the mind and gives a feeling of tranquility to the visitors.

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