Hemis National Park , Hemis,

Hemis National Park , Hemis

Location: Hemis National Park is positioned in the eastern part of Ladakh district in Jammu and Kashmir State.

Description: Hemis National Park is considered to be the largest park in the Southern part of Asia. The park comes under the category of contiguous protected region. Area covered by this park is around 4400 sq kilometer and it serves as a home for 16 mammalian species. It is a haven for mammals like red fox, brown bear, Eurasian, Tibetan wolf, Asiatic ibex and the leopards. This park is also home to 200 leopards and is supposed to be the only habitat of Ladakh Urial and Shapu in the entire country. Himalayan mouse, mountain weasel, Himalayan marmot are the mammals that can be seen in this park. Bird watchers can observe a number of bird species, for example fire fronted serin, Himalayan snow cock, Red-billed cough, fork tailed swift, chukar, Tibetan snowfinch, streaked rosefinch, tickell’s leaf warbler, robin accentor, brown accentor, Himalayan griffon vulture, lammergeier vulture and the famous golden eagle. Hemis monastery which dates back to 400 years is also positioned in this park.

Activities: A lot of activities are possible in this park like bird watching, witnessing the flora and fauna of this place and visiting the ancient monastery.

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