Nakpochu Valley, Sankoo,

Nakpochu Valley, Sankoo

Location: Nakpochu valley is located in Sankoo, which is a township situated about 42 km south of Kargil district of Ladakh region.

Description: Sankoo village is drained by large streams of Suru River, the Karste and the Nakpochu valley. Nakpochu valley is a perennial source of Suru River. This is the reason why this area is very popular for its dense plantation of poplars, wild roses, willows and myricarea. The greenery of the poplar trees and the colors of beautiful wild roses enhance the beauty of this landscape. The Nakpochu valley descending from the west side is drained by the tributary streams of Suru River. The temperature of this valley considerably varies during day and night. The mountain peaks covered with white snow and the streams of the Suru River running down the mountain slopes add to the beauty of Nakpochu valley. This valley is also a popular place of pilgrimage, due to the presence of an ancient shrine of a popular Muslim saint, Syed Mir Hashim.

Activities: The Nakpochu valley is a beautiful picnic spot as one can have a spectacular view of the snow covered peaks and greenery. The tourists can enjoy the natural beauty along with the experience of trekking. The best time to visit Nakpochu valley is between the months of June to October.

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