Magnetic Hil, Leh,

Magnetic Hil, Leh

Location: This hill is situated at a distance of around 30 kilometers from Leh district. It is 11000 ft above the sea level.

Description: Magnetic Hill is considered as a main tourist attraction, because of a peculiar nature of this hill. It is famous for a phenomenon that works against the laws of gravity. The main significance of this hill is that the vehicles are observed moving up the hill contradicting the laws of gravity. This phenomenon can be observed even if the engine of the vehicle is turned off. Sometimes the vehicles are found to gain a speed of 20 kilometers per hour naturally. Local belief regarding anti-gravity feature is that the hill has some magnetic properties. In addition to the vehicles that travel on road, the magnetic effect has been realized by helicopters and airplanes as well; the effect is supposed to be strong enough that it forces the pilots to increase the altitude when they travel above this hill. Scientists all over the world consider it to be an optical illusion. Reasons behind this phenomenon are not known completely. These magnetic effects have been observed in some other hills in other parts of the world as well.

Activity: Tourists make it a point to visit this Magnetic Hill and witness the unique feature of this hill by riding in their vehicles.

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