Padum, Kargil,

Padum, Kargil

Location: Padum is a sub-district of Zanskar, which is at a distance of 464 km from Leh and 234 km from Kargil.

Description: In ancient times, Padum was the capital of Zaskar kingdom. Now, it serves as the main facility centre for remote areas around Zanskar city. Padum is most populous in Zanskar region as most of the hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are present here for visitors. Another reason of its popularity is that it is the shortest route to visit main monasteries, like Zongkhul, Bardan, Starrimo, Stongde, Karsha, Phuktal and Sunni Palace in the Zanskar region.  The newly built Dalai Lama Photang, located near Padum, is also one of the main attractions of Zanskar town. The approximate distance between Padum and Kargil is only 250 km. The inhabitants of this region are very hospitable and help the tourists in obtaining accommodation and other facilities. About 40% of the total population of Padum consists of Muslims belonging to mainly Balti community and residing in Padum since 17th century.

Activities: One of the most liked activities that attract tourists towards Padum is trekking, as it is a major trekking base. Along with trekking, people can enjoy witnessing the superb views of ancient architecture.

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