Sum-tsek, Alchi,

Sum-tsek, Alchi

Location: Sum-Tsek temple is located in Alchi at a distance of about 65 km from Leh city in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir.

Description: Sum-Tsek, one of the famous temples in Alchi, is a three storied temple. It is believed that this temple was built in the early 13th century, using loam and natural stone, in the tradition Tibetan architectural style. The luxurious wood work on columns, ceilings, walls, clay images and murals reflect the art forms of medieval period. The sculptures of Lord Buddha in a triangular arch are designed in a sitting position above the entrance of this temple. The Sum-Tsek temple houses a clay structure of three Bodhisattvas and all are in standing postures. The middle structure represents Buddha Maitreya or Future Buddha, which is 4.63 m in height, with Avalokiteshwara to its right and Manjushree to its left. The five Buddha crown of Lord Maitreya represents Vairochana, Avalokiteshwara’s crown represents Amitabha and Manjushree’s crown represents Akshobhya. The three images symbolize the Buddhist perception of compassion, hope and wisdom. The inscriptions of Drigungpa or Jiten Gonpo on the top floor of this temple, along with the time period 1143-1217, are an evidence of its existence in the early 13th century.

Activities: Tourists can take pleasure by visiting this ancient temple and some of the earliest recorded chorten. These chortens are known as Kakani Choten and Ka-ka-ni mchod-rten.

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