Stakna Monastery, Leh,

Stakna Monastery, Leh

Location: Majestically located on the top of a hillock, Stakna Monastery is a Buddhist monastery which belongs to Drugpa section in Ladakh. Covering a distance of 21 or 25 km from Leh, you can easily access this shrine present on the left bank of Indus River.

Description: A Bhutanese scholar and saint, known by the name Chosje Jamyang Palkar, founded the Stakna Monastery in 16th century. Stakna denotes a tiger’s nose, and it got this name from the hill which appears like the nose of a tiger. This holy place is said to be build about 500 years ago. This magnificent structure is very famous among tourists for its Arya Avalokitesvara marble statue believed to be brought from Kamrup, Assam. Like other monasteries in Leh, this monastery is also a residence of 30 monks, who follow the teachings of Drugpa sect. This monastery is easily accessible, so you do not have to trek a long distance to capture the gorgeousness of this monastery and its surroundings in your cameras.

Activities: The monastery is not just a sacred place to visit but also renowned for its museum which showcases the amazing collection of arms and armory; this is more likely to enhance your interest to access this place in your Leh trip.

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