Mulbekh Monastery, Kargil,

Mulbekh Monastery, Kargil

Location: The Mulbekh Monastery lies in the Zanskar region of northern India. It is located about 25 km on the way to Kargil.

Description: The Mulbekh monastery is famous for two Gompas, one is Drokpa and other one is Gelugpa Buddhist monastery which lies in the Zanskar region in the state of Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir. Gompa refers to the hall which is used for meditation by Buddhists. The Drokpa, which is also known as Dugpa, is a branch of a Kargyu school that follows the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, whereas the Gelugpa is a school of yellow hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism. These two Gompas are situated atop a mountain and are approximately 20 meters above the road. This monastery consists of a standing Maitreya Buddha statue and inscriptions which belong to Kushan period. Kushan Empire originated from south-Asia during 1st century and it is said that the structure was carved into rock using Gandhara art form by the Kushans who came from south-Asia. The Mulbekh monastery is ornamented with ancient inscriptions and frescos. These ancient inscriptions were written using Kharoshti script. 

Activities: The best time to visit Mulbekh Monastery would be the summer season as the temperature ranges up to 28°C, as the roads are often blocked by snow in winter.

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