Maitreya Buddha, Nubra Valley,

Maitreya Buddha, Nubra Valley

Location: Maitreya Buddha is a 32 m long statue and it is placed on top of a hill in Nubra Valley. This statue faces the Shyok River in the direction of Pakistan.  

Description: This statue has been built in the recent times with the help of donations from the local people and grant of 8 kg of gold that was donated by the head of Gelugpa, Ganden Thipa. Construction of this statue started in the year 2006 and it was completed on 25th of July 2010. This statue was constructed in order to safeguard the Diskit village and avoid further wars with Pakistan, so as to promote world peace. Maitreya means ‘loving kindness’ which has been derived from the word Mitra that means friend. This statue is a symbol of peace and friendship. Buddha was a great philosopher and he used to teach peace and non violence to the people.

Activities: It is a picturesque place and a lot of tourists visit Maitreya Buddha so as to witness the huge statue of Lord Buddha, who is regarded as the preacher of peace and non violence. People of all sects and communities admire this place and come here in huge numbers.      

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