Alchi Monastery , Alchi,

Alchi Monastery , Alchi

Location: Alchi Monastery is located in Alchi village which is a part of Leh. It is considered as the oldest monastery in Ladakh.

Description: Positioned on the banks of River Indus, the other name of this monastery is Alchi Choskhor. The founder of this monastery is Rinchen Zangpo and monuments that have been preserved here date back to 12th century. The most significant feature of this monastery is that it has been constructed on a flat ground. This monastery houses two main temples; one is Sum-tsek and the other is Alchi Du-Khang. In addition to this, the monastery also serves as a house for 3 Ka-ka-ni, Lha-Khang Soma, Lotsawa Lha-Khang and the temple of Manjushri. Alchi is supposed to be a significant Buddhist center in the Ladakh region. This monastery has a history that dates back to 1000 years and this has resulted in an influence of Tibetan culture on the local people. There is no electricity inside this monastery, so it is advisable for tourists to take flashlights along with them. Taking snaps or making videos is strictly prohibited in this monastery.  

Activities: Worshipping the lord at this monastery is sure to bring peace to your mind and soul. Moreover you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of this place and its surroundings.

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