Tso Kar Lake , Tso Kar,

Tso Kar Lake , Tso Kar

Location: Tso Kar Lake is located in Rupshu in the southern part of Ladakh region. This lake is about 540 km in east of Srinagar, which is capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

Description: Tso Kar is a fluctuating salt lake which is renowned for its size and depth. Tso Kar is one of the most attractive places in Ladakh region. Tourists feel connected to heaven after visiting this beautiful lake. Spending time in the serenity of natural beauty is the best remedy for an exhausted mind and body. The best way to enjoy life is to go away from the cosmopolitan areas and spend some time enjoying the beauty of this lake to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  Walking along the lake you can enjoy the stunning beauty of landscapes and mountain streams. Unlike other lakes of this region, the Tso Kar Lake is entirely situated in India. This lake is also a trade center for salt and the residents living nearby the lake collect the salt and export it to surrounding regions. It is said that in the past this lake was used as trade route to export salt to China.

 Activities: Along with the beauty of this lake, tourists can enjoy viewing wildlife, including kiang, grebes, brown-necked gulls, Strip geese, rust geese, gazelles, wolves, terns and many more, just at one place that is Tso Kar Lake.

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