Suru Valley , Kargil,

Suru Valley , Kargil

Location: Suru Valley is located in the west of Ladakh in the state Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is situated on the banks of Suru River.

Description: Suru Valley is the most spectacular region of Ladakh which is prosperous with the beauty of nature. This valley is reach in vegetation and it is the second largest area in Ladakh. It is elevated at about 3000m. Suru valley is rich in vegetation and the source of revenue for its residents is cultivation. The farmers mainly harvest wheat, barley and millets in their fields. This valley is like a paradise on planet earth. The vibrant flowers, snow covered peaks and the dense forest of poplar and willow trees enhance the beauty of this place. Rangdum Monastery located in Suru valley makes it more popular throughout the world. The animal species, including red bear, snow leopards, wolves, ibex, Bharal, goats and many others, make it very popular among wildlife enthusiasts. This place is inhabited by a large number of Muslims as well.

Activities: Trekking, which is one of the best outdoor recreational activities, is available in Suru valley and due to this reason tourists visit this place from all over the world. Rock climbing is another activity that tourists can enjoy in Suru valley.

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