Shanti Stupa, Leh,

Shanti Stupa, Leh

Location: Constructed by Kushok Bakula, a Buddhist in Ladakh and Bhikshu Gyomo Nakamura, a Japanese Buddhist, Shanti Stupa is located on a hill top in Chanspa, Leh District of Ladakh.

Description: Situated at a height of 4267 meters, Shanti Stupa offers a panoramic and picturesque view of the Leh city. Located at such great height, the Stupa can be easily seen from any part of the city. Built as a two story structure, the stairs lead to first story where a Dharamchakra, having two deer on each side, showcases a golden colored image of Lord Buddha. Various images of meditating Buddha, painted in vibrant colors, find their existence on the second level of Shanti Stupa. Built in white color, the Stupa was constructed to boost peace and prosperity and to honor 2500 years of Buddhism. Offering a magnificent architectural design, the Stupa gives a mesmerizing view at sunrise and sunset, especially during the night when the moonlight falling on white dome of Stupa reflects its divine beauty. Known for its picturesque views of mountain ranges and valleys, a large number of tourists visit this place to experience the natural beauty and serenity.

Activities: Experiencing the divine beauty, tourists can take a walk around the Stupa to rejuvenate their mind and soul. Enjoying the panoramic views, visitors can also indulge in photography to capture the true essence of this place. Besides this, streets filled with colorful items and distinct variety of food can be explored to enjoy local cuisines, beverages and do shopping.

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