Radha Vallabha Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Radha Vallabha Temple

Location: Adorned with the backdrop of lush forests and stunning meadows, Radha Vallabha Temple is a pious destination in Vrindavan city.

Description: Radha Vallabha Temple is an adobe of Radha, means Radharani, and Vallabha, another name of Krishna. Founded by Harivamsa Goswami, Radha Vallabha Temple is a source of peace and serenity and devoted entirely to Krishna’s beloved Radharani. According to Hindu epics, the divine love of Radha and Krishna for each other was purely transcendental. The Radha Vallabha shrine was constructed by Sundara Das, a devotee of Radhe Krishna and disciple of Braja Chand, around 1626. However, the shrine was destroyed by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. The shrine that you may see now was again erected and its completion took two years, 1871-72. The old and new shrines both are adjacent to each other. You will be astonished to see this lovely shrine where there is no idol of Radharani but a beautiful crown is placed aside Vallabha on the altar. As the shrine is devoted primarily to Radharani, the oblations are first offered to Radha Ji and then her dear Sri Krishna. Even the attires are first presented to Radhe and then Vallabha.

Activities: Jugal Kishore Temple is one oldest temple in Vrindavan; one should visit this place near Kesi Ghat, another popular attraction.

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