Tulsi Ghat, Uttar Pradesh

Tulsi Ghat

Location: One of the many ghats of Varanasi, Tulsi Ghat is located at the bank of Ganga River in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. One needs to cover a distance of 5 Km from Varanasi bus stand and 6 km from Varanasi Junction railway station to reach Tulsi Ghat.

Description: Earlier known as Lolark Ghat, Tulsi Ghat was named after Tulsidas, who once residing here wrote Ramcharitmanas. History states, when Tulsidas’s manuscripts fell into the river Ganga, they did not sink, rather kept floating. Tulsi Ghat houses various belongings of Tulsidas, including a pillow, wooden clogs and a shrine of Lord Hanuman where he used to worship. One can witness the Samadhi of Tulsidas at Tulsi Ghat. It is believed that those who take a holy dip at this Ghat are sure to get rid of skin diseases and leprosy. Considered as a centre of distinct cultural activities, Krishna Lila, a play showcasing the Lila of Lord Krishna, is staged at Tulsi Ghat during the month of Kartika. A temple of Lord Ram also exists here. A large number of tourists and local people visit this ghat to take a holy dip and purify their soul.

Activities: Tourists can enjoy the serene ambience by taking a walk on the ghat. Taking a holy dip and participating in Pooja are other activities that can be performed to pay homage to god and experience the true essence of this place.

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