Bharat Mata Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Bharat Mata Temple

Location: Dedicated to Mother India, Bharat Mata Temple, one of the most beautiful temples of Varanasi, is located at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith Campus, Varanasi. It is at a distance of 3 Km from Varanasi Cantt, 8 Km from BHU and 3 Km west to Godaulia.

Description: Constructed in 1936 by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupt, a follower of Gandhi, Bharat Mata Temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. Unlike other temples, besides having statues of gods and goddesses, Bharat Mata Temple has a map of Mother India. Made up of marble, the statue of Mother India resembles a model describing undivided India, beautifully representing a three dimensional view of lands, mountains, oceans and plains of India. With five pillars holding the structure, the architecture of Bharat Mata Temple is pentagonal cone shaped. Beautiful views of River Ganga and Ghats can easily be seen from the temple. The serene environment and the map of India carved on marble attract many tourists. The temple is open from 4:30 in the morning till 8 in the evening, with the visiting duration of 30 minutes.

Activities: The temple allows the tourists to come close to undivided India. Surrounded by calm ambiance, located in vicinity of Ghats and river Ganga, tourists can experience the beauty of nature while capturing the spiritual essence.

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