Man Mandir Ghat, Uttar Pradesh

Man Mandir Ghat

Location: Man Mandir Ghat is located at the bank of river Ganga in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. At a distance of about 3 Km from Varanasi bus stand, 4 Km from Varanasi railway station and 6 Km from BHU Varanasi, it is one of the oldest ghats of Varanasi.

Description: Earlier known as Someswara, Man Mandir Ghat was built by Raja Savai Man Singh in 1585. He built a small palace, Man Mahal, which was later converted into an observatory in 1710 by Maharaja Jai Singh from Jaipur. Man Mandir Ghat is known for its imposing architecture, where beautifully carved windows and magnificent stone studded balcony of the observatory can easily be seen to the north of the ghat. It incorporates many temples, including the Rameshwara Temple, Someswara Temple and Sthuladanta Vinayaka Temple. Saints and devotees come here to pay their homage to God and take a holy dip in the river Ganga. Captivating beauty of the palace and river Ganga, make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Varanasi.

Activities: Showcasing the magnificent beauty of ancient observatory, a walk around Man Mandir Ghat definitely mesmerizes the visitors. Tourists can visit the ancient Man Mahal and have a glance at the city from its top. Being close to local market, traditional cuisines, beverages and local culture can be explored to experience the true essence of this place.

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