Asi Ghat, Uttar Pradesh

Asi Ghat

Location: Situated on the junction of River Ganga and River Asi, Asi Ghat is the southernmost Ghat of Varanasi, comprising the southern end of the city. Pilgrims take a holy dip here before paying homage to Lord Shiva.

Description: Asi Ghat is described in Varanasi as Saimbeda Tirtha, which means that those bathing here once are sure to get Punya of all Tirthas. Asi Ghat finds its mention in Hindu literature, including Kurma Purana, Agni Purana, Kashi Khanda and Matsya Purana. It is believed that Goddess Durga had thrown her sword here after killing the demon. A big stream appeared where the sword had fallen, which is known as Asi River. Although, Asi Ghat is often visited by pilgrims and tourists, a large number of people visit this Ghat during festivals, like Shivratri and Ganga Dussehra, for recreation. Makar Sakranti, solar or lunar eclipse, Prabodhini Ekadashi are some of the occasions when thousands of pilgrims take a holy dip at Asi Ghat. Offering calm and peaceful environment, this place provides a good chance to pay homage to God.

Activities: It is a place where tourists can rejuvenate their mind and soul, allowing the spiritual thoughts to sink in.  Participating in Pooja, enjoying the beautiful ambience, spending long hours without any disturbance, all this is possible at Asi Ghat. Tourists can also walk along the river, experiencing the natural beauty of this Ghat.

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